Unlimited Use

You can choose to unlimited use by usb key.

In this method, the license provided by USB security lock.

You can set up your computer as you want the product you have purchased. However, the USB key which is connected to the computer that will run programs installed on the computer. Usb lock programs that are installed on other computers will not work until you install.

USB key in case of broken or corrupted in case of breakage or deterioration of the company sent to the USB key USB key can be requested by paying the cost of a new USB key.

If the lost USB key can not be definitely sent a new USB.

Bought Esper product users are deemed to have accepted this license agreement.

Limited User

Username password, you can choose to take months of use.

In this method, users can create a user name and password for themselves. They extend lifetime by making monthly intake.

eSpor initial setup, giving the right to use up to 7 days free trial of the software, users can afford. However, seven days after the time users have to make some purchases they want for an extension until months.

In this way, everyone can now use expensive analysis solutions.

Physical education faculty can establish a laboratory analysis. Moreover, it can free.

Write us physical education faculties.